Client: Opinca

Project Type: Visual refresh

Brief: Revamp the visual identity

We took the traditional hand crafted style, which is infused in the shoes from Opinca and combined it with a californian 90’s vibe, capturing both the attention to detail while keeping the whole visual identity fresh and catalog-ready.


“Opinca is for us, those who do not shy away from being the way we like. And we don’t need special reasons to make this a way of life.

Or apologies for combining colorful modernity with tradition. And if we could change something about traditions, the only thing would be: the role of women.

So I brought in a little bit of Amazon spirit and started walking around town.”


If handled correctly, combining two opposed styles can produce pretty amazing results.

Brasov, the home of Opinca, is a mountain city, so the base of the visual identity should be made of blue and greenish tones, very earthy and cold. This also helps us ground the brand with some serious roots, in terms of personality and vision. This represents the foundation or the core values.

On top of that, we add the flavor, the californian, sunny beach-side, fashion week vibe. The contrasting values of these two styles merge together to create not only a powerful structure in visual representation but also a very liberating and open to change one. 


// Moodboard & Stylesheet

// Edit photos

// Add sun glares

// Big bold titles to sustain the idea

// Add grain on top to make it look cinematic