Client: Disini

Project Type: Branding & Social Media KVs

Brief: We want to bring the Bali vibes in people’s lives through our product

In Indonesia, “Disini” means “here”.


“Here” is where you find those elements that help you to root your roots and elevate your spirituality. Filling your home with tools that participate and improve your day-to-day rituals can bring you peace every home needs.


Starting from “Here”, we acknowledged the need for a grounded identity. Something that will get ourselves in touch with our senses and ground in the present moment. 

We questioned ourselves: 

What visual elements convey the higher spiritual feelings to us? 

What aesthetic helps us to connect the visual with our need to have a safe space is our home? 


Having those questions in our head, we started to trace the lines for the whole identity. Placing together the lines, the texture, the natural-earth colors, the new logo, we managed to bring a new and inspiring identity for the brand.