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model: visual design

Visual experiences

With a strong background in 2D and 3D design and production, we are providing a multidisciplinary approach to each asset that we create. From  cyber-futuristic color schemes to surreal approaches on shape and textures, from clean aesthetics to organic structures, we provide you a whole alphabet for you in order to communicate with your audience. We are using both art and science to obtain a digital product that expresses best its values to a targeted group.

A saga about nothing - Episode 2

Project type: Animated digital series

ECO frequencies

Project type: 3D Scenography & Visual identity

Ray Molina - AFTRMTH

Project type: Music video

Comet - Need you

Project type: Music video


Project type: Animated digital series

Visual Identity & Concepts

If you market what matters for people who care, you will find that  a good strategy doesn’t need to be created, it is only uncovered. We know that it is hard to throw your brand in a world that inherited a long-lasting divide between those that have access to information and communication technologies and those who don’t. From multi-platform marketing strategies to business goals shaping, we develop more than a guideline. We develop a strong brand personality that can establish multiple relations with the world.


Project type: Visual refresh


Project type: Visual & Brand Identity


Project type: Visual Identity

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// We create by analysing the surroundings. We are the people guided by the tone of liberation and free will. Our desire is to turn the design field into a place of experimentation and playfulness, releasing the imagination and giving birth to simple concepts that make impact and change the mindset of people. 
// We create a flow between creativity and practicability in order to transform every experiment into something meaningful.

ORDOETCHAO – ordo-ēt-kāo = order and chaos