Project Name: ECO frequencies: binaural therapy

Project Type:  3D Motion Design & Animation

Challenge: To create visual animations for each event.

 “ECO frequencies: binaural therapy” is a cultural project of participatory activation through art, where nature, binaural music and art therapy share the same frequency line.The project aims to make people aware of the importance of conserving natural spaces in urban areas and raising awareness of their role in mental health.


During the development of the project we tried to understand the concept of the events and not change it, but rather complete it.


// For GROUNDED, which was hosted at Stirbei 47 Gallery, Bucharest, the main theme was reconnection with the ground and Mother-Earth. For that we developed and distorted some organical fractals. We wanted them big & bold.  

// For HYPNAGOGIA, which was hosted at Galateca Gallery, Bucharest , the main theme was water and our connection with the underside of it. For that, we created in Blender a composition using some stones, corals, underwater flora and a bunch of fish. 

// For URBAN.ESC, which was hosted at Club Guesthouse, Bucharest, the main theme was about global warming and the fact that we cannot find nature in urban spaces. The cyclical story surrounds the idea of ​​living in a crowded city where access to natural spaces is lacking because they tend to be lacking. But once we escape into nature, we can feel how it absorbs the city from us and transforms it into peace, light and connection with the divine. Once we get out of the natural environment, we find ourselves back between the blocks, looking for a space to calm our minds and cool our bodies.


// Receive the concept

// Meet the teammates

// Despair 

// Actual working

// Voila