ORDOETCHAO – ordo-ēt-kāo

Creative Studio focused on Immersive Storytelling through visuals

We are creators, designers, strategists. We are the people who wish to bring the design field to a new and exciting level, through innovation and daring concepts.

We create a flow between creativity and practicability in order to transform every experiment into something meaningful.

.branding & concept

“ Focus on the final point, to get a straight line. “ 

To get the most out of your brand or idea, we must change our perspective by focusing our thoughts on getting the best information and giving up old data that would lead us to a long and meaningless outcome. Together, we create a space for your idea – in digital.

How can we help you create for your brand? Starting from your idea, we can develop a 360 degree concept including:

.visual experiences

“ Experiences are the base of a meaningful life. ” 

Everything, from static to motion, words to sound, daily lifestyle to movies, is an experience that can be used and recreated in digital space. We use both art and science to create a digital product that best expresses our values to a targeted group.

How can we make your experience count? Simply, we create digital:


“ Nourish your desire for expression. ”

Whether you are a brand, an artist, a simple and creative person, we are here for you to express your thoughts and beliefs. Especially in digital.

How can we do that? Our strong tools are our 360 degree skills:

Website Designed
Music Videos
3D Animations
SoMe Campaigns
Sound Designs
3D Renders
Brand & Visual Identities
SoMe VIdeos