Project Name: Comet – Need You

Client: Comet

Project Type: Music Video


COMET is a Romanian electronic music band formed by Andrei Adrian and Petra Acker which will launch their debut album in 2022.


The assignment was to create the visual part of the main track “ Need you”. Starting from the band name “COMET”, which came from the comet moth, the request was to create a music video concept that has as base the meaning of this moth. Our challenge was to design and bring to life, in a digital space, the metamorphosis of human emotions through the life cycle of this moth, from larvae to a powerful and beautiful flying creature.


The video mood was settled by creating a digital space, like an Universe, where the process of metamorphosis took place. As in real life, every process needs time and every good thing to happen requests a transformation. Sometimes may lead to a new adventure or sometimes may transform you into something that your past self wouldn’t recognize. Starting from that journey, we designed a route for this comet moth, a sacred route that is similar to human transformation.


// Understanding the natural process of the comet moth;

// Try and error x 10;

// Finally finding a good way to put all the elements in the scene;

// Creating the space in 3D

// Editing and colorization;

// Refining;

// Good to go.